We want to support building a vegan community in Romania and also to encourage activism. We hope to build coalitions and good relationships with other groups and vegan activists, because we believe we need to work together as a community. Includes some great local recipes

Vegan for the animals, for our health, for our home planet

Alina Stan is a Foodblogger & photographer 📸at @aromedepoveste

Cookbook writer "Dulce si Sarat"


I'm raw food chef, author of nine books, nutrition consultant, host of Ligia's Kitchen and De Vorba with Ligia shows and co-founder of Raw Generation Expo .

We are passionate about everything that is good for the mind and body. That's why, on green life , you will find products , recipes, tips and invitations to health-friendly events .

The Forest Retreat & Spa philosophy is divided into 5 points: relaxation, fitness, nutrition, education and friendship. Our ideal is to help our guests create wellness rituals based on trust, to discover their own needs and desires and to rediscover themselves in complete harmony with nature. A vegan menu can be found in the restaurant.


Great for creative, raw vegan food and serves loads of colourful wraps, salads, smoothies and other healthy items in a casual setting.

Servers vegan burgers, wraps, soups, as well as a selection of sweet treats.

There’s an extensive menu of vegetarian, raw and vegan dishes, including vegan renditions of traditional Romanian dishes.

Vegan restaurant and catering.

Some vegan options to choose from, in the old town of Bucharest, with a Mediterrnean influnence.


The Naturalia Health Center has affirmed in the last 20 years promoting alternative therapies and the principle of integral nutrition. We offer the most complete and accessible online naturalist shop, NaturaliaBio , which offers you the widest range of eco products and natural foods.

A small store of organic and traditional food. And something extra. A small eco story for each product, a patch of recycled paper, an organic cotton bag, an open, generous attitude.

Food store where you can stock up on organic, healthy goods as well as vegan items.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Libearty sanctuary is today the home of over 90 brown bears, all rescued from a cruel and abusive life in captivity.Recognized by many specialists as probably the best bear sanctuary in the world, Libearty covers an area of 69 hectares of lush forest, streams and ponds located on the territory of Zărneşti, the municipality at the foot of the Carpathians, near the municipality. Braşov.

Most of the bears in the reserve were rescued from the most miserable and tiny cages, just for the sake of "fun", tourist attraction. Many were confiscated from the terraces of restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, but some of them were held captive near factories, gas stations, or even at a monastery.

Each bear or bear in the reserve has its own story full of drama.

Therefore, we hope you will enjoy meeting them not only through our website but also by visiting them at home, in the reservation.

Visits to the sanctuary are made by prior appointment


Our mission is to end the suffering and dramatically reduce the number of stray dogs and cats in Romania and other poor areas of the world.

Working to improve the conditions for dogs and cats in Romania.


A six hectares area, located on the hills near Cernavoda, surrounded by vineyards and boasting a marvelous landscape on the Danube River.

This is the location of Footprints of Joy, the center brought forth by the international association Save the Dogs and other Animals, open to the public throughout the year and easily reachable through the Sun Highway, linking Bucharest to the Black Sea.

The logo explains in a nutshell the spirit of the project: human and animal tracks meet on this imaginary line and walk into a space entirely dedicated to their wellbeing. That space represents not only a metaphor for the earth which we share with many other creatures but also a material place, which welcomes dozens of animals in distress and all those people who want to spend a few hours of peacefulness in the midst of nature.